Speak one-on-one with the public to educate about climate change and to build chapter membership at broad range of events. Participate in decisions about venues, methods and materials for tabling. Actions: table at an event, locate potential events, participate in decisions about venues, methods and materials for tabling.
Contact: Lin Griffin
Print Media
Help maintain our print media presence: Letters to the Editor (LTEs), op-eds, LTE training/parties, meeting with editorial boards, press releases, etc. Actions: write an LTE or Op-Ed, monitor press for opportunities, meet with editorial board.
Contacts: Lee Ballance
Online Communications
Solicit and write news and action items for bimonthly monthly email briefings. Maintain email list. Manage Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Report analytics data (list size, opens, followings, etc.) to Leadership team. Actions: Write articles for bimonthly briefings, promote CCL activities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; comment on Facebook and Twitter pages of our members of Congress.
Contact: Lin Griffin
Healthy Forests
Form alliances with local groups that work to increase urban forests, with a focus on neighborhoods that suffer from a lack of tree equity. Support local groups and community leaders with tree planting/maintenance initiatives and activities. Help local communities to advocate for and take advantage of funding available for urban forests.
Contact: Trish Clifford
Building Electrification
Help accelerate the transition to less carbon-intensive infrastructure by promoting building electrification. Advise local elected officials and educate the public at-large on methods and incentives for the electrification of homes and commercial buildings. Join team here.
Contact: Nik Wekwerth.
Direct communications with our Congresswoman, Barbara Lee, in the form of regular meetings with both her district and DC offices. Make the case for fair and effective climate solutions, providing policy details and evidence of local support. Actions: get trained to lobby, attend lobby meetings, update MoC bios, plan lobby meeting, bring an ally to a meeting, be official Liaison.
Contacts: Phil Obbard, Andra Pligavko
CCL at Berkeley
UC Berkeley registered student organization (RSO) focused on various UCB initiatives including: getting students registered to vote, generating an editorial endorsement from the Daily Cal, getting the chancellor to endorse climate action and specifically a CF&D, getting the ASUC student president to endorse a CF&D and sign on to the Students for Carbon Dividends statement. Team members will also participate in lobby days in coordination with the Youth Engagement Team and Lobby Team. Actions: voter registration campaign; lobbying UC administration, student government, and student newspaper; lobbying member(s) of Congress.
Contact: Christina Pelliccio / Teo Lin-Bianco
Member Engagement & Diversity
Build a diverse and robust chapter. Develop group cohesion and grow the number of active members, who are representative of our Congressional district, by leading the integration of new members, planning social and outreach events especially to diverse audiences, and managing our contact database. Actions: orient and welcome new members, data entry, host and/or coordinate member and outreach events.
Contact: Ted Obbard
Work with local municipalities, community leaders, business leaders, and other influencers to get endorsements for CF&D bill.
Contact: Trish Clifford
Work on outreach events such as the annual Wild and Scenic Film Festival, and other educational events related to climate change and CCL’s CF&D. Actions: Outreach, publicity, logistics, create event planning and execution.
Contact: Elyce Klein
Youth Engagement
Build relationships with our local K-12 schools and colleges through presentations and mentorships. Actions: Organize school visits. Make youth-centered/school-subject presentations; mentor active youth; support youth to engage in CCL activities, including lobbying MoC’s; have youth sessions; engage with other youth climate events, organizations, and issues.
Contacts: Tom McKone/Susan Wright
Chapter Leaders
Support action team leaders and organize whole-chapter meetings
Contacts: Ted Obbard & Tony Sirna

Additional Team Opportunities

Help build connections to and partnerships with other climate and environmental justice organizations and leaders. Help build their support for the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. Actions: attend other groups’ actions or meetings and invite them to ours, cross-publicize each others’ events and activities, build coalitions, co-lobby, discuss our proposal and address concerns, ask for endorsement if appropriate.
Contact: Trish Clifford
(Inactive as a Team. Contact Phoebe to be trained on giving presentations to our target audiences.)
Contact: Phoebe Schenker