Presentations and Videos

“I’m Your Heat Pump” music video (3:10)
Debuted at the David Brower Center, April 2-, 2024

“I’m Your Heat Pump” debuted at our chapter’s Home Electrification Fair and Wild and Scenic Film Festival on April 20, 2024. CCLAlameda member Mike Roberts wrote the song with the goal of attracting the ears, eyeballs, and hearts of a broader public who might not otherwise turn their attention to the joys and climate benefits of heat pumps.


Home Electrification Rebates
April 20,, 2024. Power Point slides
David Brower Center, Berkeley

On Earth Day, April 20 2024, CCL member Tom Graly made a presentation at the Brower Center, as a part of CCL Alameda’s Home Electrification Fair. It covered the types of rebates offered at both the state and federal levels, retail coupons for appliances offered by utilities, and rebate finders available on several websites.  His slides can be downloaded here.


Next Steps on Climate: Putting a Price on Carbon
October 17, 2022. (1:35:20)
David Brower Center, Berkeley

This forum explores two approaches to carbon pricing. Tony Sirna of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby sets out the criteria for effective climate solutions and how carbon fee and dividend addresses them. Dr. Delton Chen explains how a global carbon reward would work. A carbon coin, based on Delton’s model, was the monetary engine that drove climate mitigation in Kim Stanley Robinson’s best-selling novel, “The Ministry of the Future.” Tony and Delton discuss the ways in which these two policies can be complementary. Kirstin Miller, Executive Director of EcoCity Builders, moderates the program.


We Are Not Doomed
Restoring a Self and Healthy Climate
January 21, 2020. (1:33:27)
David Brower Center, Berkeley

This panel discussion was presented by the Alameda County Chapter of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby, on January 21, 2020. Panelists included Dr. Erica Dodds, COO of the Foundation for Climate Restoration; Ellie Cohen, CEO of The Climate Center; Kirstin Miller, Executive Director of Ecocity Builders; and Jerry Hinkle, Economic Research Coordinator for Citizens’ Climate Lobby. The moderator was Dr. Tom McKone, Professor Emeritus at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health. The event took place at the David Brower Center, Berkeley, California.


ICongresswoman Barbara Lee
Remarks at the CCL Northern California Regional Conference (7:58)
January 18, 2020. Oakland, California

n this video, recorded on a hand-held cell phone, Congresswoman Lee recounts a meeting of the Democratic National Committee at which delegates disagreed, mostly along racial lines, on a plan to hold a presidential debate dedicated to climate. The proposal was rejected. In these remarks, Lee emphasized that diversity and environmental justice must be woven into our climate action strategy: “We must broaden our movement to ensure that EJ is an integral part of climate action.”


History, Culture and Politics of California’s Central Valley
A presentation by Professor Eileen Kerr-Haydock and Daren Haydock, (38:51)
CCL Alameda Chapter meeting, July 20, 2020 (over Zoom)

At our July 2020 chapter meeting we received a presentation on the history, culture and politics of California’s Central Valley, offered by teachers and historians Eileen Kerr-Haydock and Daren Haydock, members of the Modesto Chapter. The video of the presentation, including Q&A, runs 38:51.

If you prefer to view the slides of the presentation alone, without the Haydock’s discussion, you can download them here.